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understanding your market needs

TLD Vietnam works with you to understand your specific market needs so we can provide you with the right solutions to meet your requirements. Click and explore the various applications by market below to learn more about the performance materials and services we offer to address your particular needs.

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Wire & Cable

Cables are extensively used in the construction industry, with a complete range of house-wiring and low-voltage supply cables for use in domestic premises, commercial office developments, and public buildings. In addition to this general range, there are cables more tailored to specific power applications, including rail, tunnel lighting, and lighting and signaling for motorways and airfields. The most important challenges include tough mechanical stress as well as great temperature fluctuations.

TLD Vietnam offers Ground Calcium Carbonate, PVC Stabilizers, Plastic Resins and Plastic Chemicals as well as customer-specific solutions. Our products guarantee full operability in all conditions. We assure you that our materials can fulfill the cable manufacturing requirements listed below:


  • Good electrical properties with cable.
  • High gloss.
  • Low plasticizer and stabilizer absorption.
  • Excellent printability.
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