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Acid Stearic


Molecular formula: CH3-(CH2)16-COOH


Acid Stearic is a saturated fatty acid, specifically stearic acid, that is derived through the hydrolysis of various fats and oils. It is characterized by its long-chain structure, consisting of 18 carbon atoms. Acid Stearic is used as a low temperature lubricant and thermal stabilizer for PVC production. Acid Stearic typically presents itself in the form of prill beads.

  • Increase the flowability of the melt.
  • Prevent “coking” and “discolor” during process.
  • Improve the production continuity.
  • Lower the production costs.

Applications by Markets

Mainly used in the rubber and cosmetic industries. For PVC products: PVC foam board, PVC foam sheet, PVC pipe and profile, PVC building template, PVC wood plastic composites (WPC), plastic-steel, etc.

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