The paper industry is an irreplaceable industry in this modern world due to the enormous demand of printing and writing.

The use of minerals in papermaking has long been known, kaolin clay and calcium carbonate powder (GCC and PCC) are the main raw materials used as fillers in papermaking. The paper-making environment is usually acid environment, the calcium carbonate changes into a neutral medium to become an alkaline environment which is very good for paper production.

Paper is made of two components, coating and filler. Filler is the inner hinge layer, which creates the plate of the paper, coating is the surface layer over the filler. Both components are composed partly of calcium carbonate powder, from 10 to 20%. Coating also needs TiO2 for whiteness.

A high quality paper is judged on its whiteness, rigidity and smoothness of its surface. All three factors are influenced by the quality of the calcium carbonate powder. We have a source of high whiteness (min 98%) calcium carbonate powder from Yen Bai quarry, which is extremely necessary for paper.

TLD is proud of having a wide range of experience in supplying GCC powder for paper manufacturing businesses around the world. We are supplying GCC, PCC, TiO2,… for making paper manufacturers.

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