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Kaolin Clay

Kaolin is a mineral that took millions of years to form from the breakdown of granite rocks, and it contains hydrated aluminum silicate. Kaolin has a wide range of applications, including ceramics, paper, paints and coatings, fiberglass, plastics, rubber, cosmetics, concrete, etc.

TLD Vietnam supplies a range of kaolin products with lots of benefits, including:


  • Retaining high whiteness and good plasticity after calcination.
  • Remaining chemical inertness over a relatively wide pH range.
  • Offering excellent covering with finely controlled particle sizes, low viscosity, non-abrasiveness, and smooth surface finish.
  • Efficient productivity and cost savings.


Properties Standard
Al2O3 32% - 37%
SiO2 45% - 51%
L.O.I 11 - 13%
Whiteness (after fire) 90±2%
Particle size 45 - 63 Micron
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