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TLD Vietnam, established in 2016, has since become a leading company in the field of minerals, chemicals, and plastic resins in Vietnam. We focus on research and development in technology and innovation to deliver superior-quality products.



The outburst

GCC: TLD Vietnam, with the expansion of 5 factories, was proud to rank 3rd in GCC exports in Vietnam in terms of quantity in 2022.

Resin: TLD Vietnam, with an extensive network of 70 suppliers, has become one of the largest providers of plastic resins in Vietnam.

Minerals: TLD Vietnam has succeeded in expanding the customer network to 33 countries, with an annual capacity of 200,000 MT.

Chemicals: TLD Vietnam has achieved 150% average growth over the years and is expected to reach 200% in the next 3 years.


Overcoming adversity by inner strength

TLD Vietnam was proud to overcome the global crisis through strategic vision, meticulous preparation, and government regulation adherence.

We commit to the timely delivery and proper quality of our products to clients despite the supply chain disruption.

We commit to the well-being of our workers with no salary cuts and no contract termination.


Plastic resin industry entry

TLD Vietnam established a resin department to provide plastic resin products. In 2020, we promoted building long-term relationships with global plastic resin suppliers, especially manufacturing facilities, to meet large quantities of orders.
History - 2020-min


Chemicals industry entry

TLD Vietnam established a chemical department to expand the product lines. The chemical products include PVC stabilizers, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, PE wax, etc. In 2019, we focused on developing supplier networks to meet the substantial demand in this chemical industry.

History - 2019-min


Minerals industry entry

TLD Vietnam established a mineral department supplying products including kaolin, barite, hydrated lime, quicklime, and dolomite. We invested in four mineral factories and reached 10 new markets in 2018.
History - 2018-min


GCC manufacturing investment

TLD Vietnam succeeded in reaching 15 new markets and gained ten times as much revenue as the figure last year. We invested in two GCC factories at the end of 2017.
History - 2017-min



TLD Vietnam was founded in 2016 and started operations with a clear vision and a dedicated team. We originally started as a trading enterprise providing one sole product, ground calcium carbonate (GCC), with a volume of 6,000 MT per month.
History - 2016-min
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