Ceramics are indispensable in our homes and buildings in general: tableware, sanitary ware, tiles, floor tiles, pipes, refractory bricks are used all 100% industrial minerals to produce.

Almost all industrial minerals are used to make ceramic bodies, though in varying proportions according to the application. 

The glazes which cover them, making them attractive or simply fit for use are largely composed of minerals. One of the indispensable minerals for glaze production is kaolin thanks to its important properties such as plasticity, shrinkage (after drying and on firing), colour on firing and refractori­ness.

Technological developments in the ceramic sector is an area in which industrial minerals are at the forefront of progress. Being made of minerals, the properties of these new ceramics are obviously tightly dependent upon those of their raw materials, and purity requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. Our kaolins, with their very bright firing colors, guarantee an optimal, highly transparent to coloured appearance of your glazes. Thanks to the low iron and titanium values our Kaolin grades are characterized by a very white firing colour and low alkali content. The kaolin types in this series have special, improved properties in terms of rheology, plasticity and fragmentation – a clear advantage for the dominant production technologies, such as isostatic press moulding and die casting.

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