The glass production is one of the most important industrial sectors and has been witnessing significant growth on account of increasing demand from the architecture and packaging industries for the past few years. There are two main categories of glass being float glass (windows in buildings and cars) and container glass (bottles, tableware, etc.). Besides, speciality glass is produced in lower quantities but accounts for important technological uses, as well as in our everyday lives.

The glass industry is one of the primary consuming markets for industrial minerals, with the highest demand in terms of volume for limestone, dolomite, silica sand, soda ash… The specifications of the mineral are crucial to the properties of the glass, notably its colour, brightness and resistance.

In the glass industry, limestone and dolomite provide the necessary CaO and MgO portions of the glass. In particular, dolomite (MgO) has a positive effect both on the melting process and the properties of the glass. The glass industry prefers high-grade dolomite with as much low iron and silica content as possible. Besides, Calcium Carbonate is used as a stabilizer that can adjust viscosity and increase the durability of glass.

TLD Vietnam supplies the glass industry with a package of raw materials including high-quality products of consistent chemical composition and particle size, which brings lots of advantages for your production:

  • Material composition that meets your purity specification.
  • Increase durability and chemical wear resistance giving you a better quality product.
  • Physical and chemical consistency for efficient production.
  • Available in a range of particle sizes that target your proper batch size.


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