Drinking water treatment

Water originating from natural sources such as rivers, lakes, aquifers and even man-made reservoirs contain dirt, pathogens, and some minerals that cause scale. Furthermore, in the current situation of increasing environmental pollution in the globe, drinking water sources are also subject to contamination and require appropriate treatment to remove disease-causing agents. These impurities can create issues ranging from public health emergencies to large expenses combating water distribution-related issues.

The process of treating raw water into potable water goes through many stages such as:

  • pH control
  • Softening and remineralisation
  • Desalination
  • Correction of alkalinity and chemical balance
  • Low cost source of hydroxide ions
  • Removal of impurities in potable water systems

Quicklime, hydrated lime and related calcium-based products have been used for a century to remove dirt and hardness minerals and to begin disinfection of pathogens in treated drinking water. Our cost effective and environmentally friendly quicklime and hydrated lime solutions can help you achieve high standards of treatment making water safer while consuming less of the more expensive aluminum and iron based coagulant additives, saving you money.

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