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Lead Stabilizer


Lead Stabilizer is a chemical compound used in the processing of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to enhance its stability and prevent degradation during various manufacturing stages. These stabilizers are composed of lead-based formulations and are employed for their effective heat stabilizing properties. Lead Stabilizer commonly manifests in the form of powder and flake.

At TLD Vietnam, we specialize in the production and supply of tailor-made PVC Stabilizers, catering to a diverse array of industries and applications.



  • Excellent heat resistance and stability; wide working range of applications.
  • Can enhance the fusion and flow of materials; also has the effect of toughening.
  • Good dispersion, auxiliary internal and external lubricant effects.
  • Excellent initial coloring, wear resistance, weather resistance, and water absorption resistance.

Applications by Markets

Mainly used in PVC/WPC/SPC products, such as pipe and fitting, cable, window profile, wallboard, foam board (Furniture board, Advertisement board, construction board), and other products, etc.
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