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Foam Board

In the realm of construction and insulation, Foam Board stands as a pivotal material, offering insulation, structural support, and versatility in various applications. TLD Vietnam recognizes the significance of optimizing Foam Board formulations to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry.

Ground Calcium Carbonate, PVC Resin, PVC Stabilizers, and a spectrum of other essential plastic chemicals collectively contribute to enhancing the performance and characteristics of Foam Board.

Ground Calcium Carbonate serves as a multifunctional filler, imparting improved structural attributes to Foam Board. Its incorporation elevates rigidity, thermal insulation, and overall performance, essential for diverse construction and insulation needs.

PVC Resin, in tandem with PVC Stabilizers and other plastic chemicals, further augments the properties of Foam Board. These components collectively enhance flexibility, impact resistance, and processing characteristics, ensuring that Foam Board meets stringent quality and performance standards.


TLD Vietnam commitment lies in delivering top-tier materials that optimize the structural integrity, insulation properties, and endurance of foam boards. We aim to provide innovative solutions that align with the evolving needs and advancements within the Foam Board industry, ensuring the creation of high-quality and reliable foam board products for diverse applications.

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