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PE Wax


PE Wax (Polyethylene Wax) is a synthetic wax derived from polyethylene, a polymer composed of ethylene monomers. This versatile wax is produced through a refining process that imparts specific properties, making it a valuable component in various industrial applications. PE Wax typically exists in the form of a fine powder or flake.


  • Good internal and external lubricant.
  • Excellent dispersion
  • Low viscosity
  • Good compatibility with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and EPR.
  • Impurity free, contains no paraffin
  • Odorless, non- toxic.

Applications by Markets

For the Plastic Industry (Lubricant): Increase processing efficiency, prevent the bonding of film, pipe, and sheet, and improve smoothness and glossiness of the product.

For Wire and Cable Industry (Lubricant): Improve the processing performance and the smoothness and glossiness of the product surface.

For the Adhesive Industry: Improve the processing performance and smoothness.

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