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Ground Calcium Carbonate (CreCarb)

TLD Vietnam’s Ground Calcium Carbonate, also known as limestone powder, originates from the best source of chalk, limestone, and marble in Vietnam. It is being used as fillers and coating pigments in various market sectors.
Packaging: Products are packaged following the customer's requirements
(25kg bag, 500kg jumbo bag, 1 ton jumbo bag, etc.)


  • Premium stones, whose minimum purity is 98.5% are exploited in Yen Bai province.
  • Advance technology and modern machines are from Germany, Taiwan, and China.
  • A wide range of particle size, 4 – 450 microns, are tailored to customer’s requirements.
  • TLD Vietnam has years of experience in exporting to more than 50 countries.
  • The quality control follows international standards: ISO, Reach and RoHS.


Properties Standard
CaCO3 98.5% Minimum
Fe2O3 0.02% Maximum
MgO 0.05% Maximum
SiO2 0.05% Maximum
Al2O3 0.03% Maximum
Properties Standard
Density 2.65 – 2.7 g/cm
Hardness 3 Moh
Moisture 0.20%
Whiteness 98% Minimum
Brightness 96% Minimum
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