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TLD Vietnam Ensures On-Time Deliveries Despite Global Maritime Shipping Challenges


The global shipping industry is facing significant challenges, with the rising cost of sea freight being a major concern.

High shipping cost poses significant challenges to businesses

In 2021, shipping freight rates have “peaked” many times due to the lack of empty containers and the difficulties of the COVID-19 global epidemic. By 2022 the impact of the Russian and Ukrainian conflict has caused freight prices to increase for the second time. These difficulties continue to persist and by 2024, shipping rates have witnessed a substantial increase due to the Red Sea crisis.  From an economic perspective, the crisis has contributed to inflation and negatively affected regional and international shipping economies.

Specifically, compared to the same period last year, sea freight rates increased by more than 80%, and compared to the time before the COVID-19 epidemic, it increased by over 120%. In addition, escalating tensions in the Red Sea forced shipping lines to make detours, resulting in shipping costs to some traditional markets increasing from 2 to 5 times compared to before. This has a significant impact on a great number of businesses across the globe.

Notably, while the difficulties have not ended, shipping lines have arbitrarily raised fees and surcharges for goods of Vietnamese enterprises. Businesses have faced disruption in delivering goods to customers due to a shortage of empty containers despite having to accept high freight costs. Furthermore, fuel prices and insurance costs have also grown significantly, posing an increasing challenge for maritime activities in general.  Businesses have faced disruption in delivering goods to customers due to a shortage of empty containers despite having to accept high freight costs. 

International shipping costs is a major concern for businesses around the world

Despite these challenges in maritime, TLD Vietnam remains committed to on-time delivery and exceptional customer support. We offer:

  • On-time delivery:  Under no circumstances, TLD Vietnam commits to delivering quality products on time to customers around the world. 
  • Customer service: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, our team always strives to bring the best service solutions to our customers. The diversity of experience and knowledge within the TLD Vietnam team helps us understand the needs and desires of each customer, thereby creating the best possible solutions.
  • Superior quality: TLD Vietnam strives to maintain the highest quality standards in all our products and services. We ensure to deliver top-notch products and provide tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients. 

Proud to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of Ground Calcium Carbonate, Minerals, Chemicals, and Plastic resin, TLD Vietnam provides reliable and high-quality solutions to help our customers optimize processes and enhance performance.

Contact TLD Vietnam today to know more about how we can support your business with our top-quality products and exceptional service.


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