Oil drilling

Oil drilling is a highly-specialized business that grew into the largest industry on the planet by the early 21st century. Oil drilling is the process by which tubing is bored through the Earth’s surface and a well is established. A pump is connected to the tube and the petroleum under the surface is forcibly removed from underground. While drilling for oil and gas, formations of high pore fluid pressure may be encountered (up to 20 ppg equivalent). Normal drilling fluid can control formation pressure up to 10 to 12 ppg. Therefore, it is necessary to increase mud pressure to correct this imbalance, otherwise a blowout may occurs.

Barite with its high density, low oil absorption, low hardness, and abundance make it an ideal drilling fluid additive and  largely used in oil and gas drilling activities across the globe.Barite is preferred upon the other weighting materials for its low price, purity, availability and its non-toxicity.

TLD Vietnam provides Barite Powder in line with API 13A Section 7 Standard that is approved by the American Institute (API) for usage as a weighting agent in oil and gas drilling fluids with available large reservation. Our product really gains the satisfaction from customers via the best quality as well as the competitive price.

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