TLD Vietnam – A positive working environment

TLD Vietnam – A positive working environment

Creating a positive work environment greatly influences employees’ attitudes towards their job and coworkers, performance levels, and productivity. Providing a positive work environment goes far beyond the actual space to include corporate culture and leadership too. We understand the importance of a positive work environment and are currently creating our own special working environment with three significant aspects:

1. DCP: Dynamic, Creative and Professional


All our staff have one thing in common, which is an energetic personality. Due to the characteristic of import and export activities, every individual in TLD is productive at different times of the day. We always make sure to support our customers around the world immediately and give them the best experience when working with us. The principle of dynamic working is to focus on the output and key deliverables of an individual rather than the number of hours spent at the office. Ultimately if output levels are high and all responsibilities are taken care of, then it doesn’t really matter how much time you spend in the office to contact other customers in different time zones.


As a leading Chemicals and Minerals manufacturer and supplier, we need to be ready to catch the market trend and have market-appropriate innovations to adapt effectively to the world market. Each staff member is in charge of a specific region, they have different experiences, we are able to tackle problems from different angles, generate unique ideas, and examine issues from a variety of perspectives. All leaders encourage employees to express their individuality and respect every idea pitched. After all, we can sit together and evaluate all ideas to finally choose the one best for our company.


A professional work environment is one that results in a workplace full of highly competent, respectful, mature, and accountable employees working towards a common goal. In TLD, we understand that employees thrive in professional working environments where they feel respected and treated fairly at all times. Therefore, each of our customers has training lessons to acknowledge and follow the professional motto of our company. Our board of management always encourages and supports all employees to join additional courses to update industrial knowledge and soft skills, in order to optimize the work. Especially, they have a chance to work closely with leaders, continuously getting feedback and receiving coaching from both co-workers and leaders. An experienced, caring coworker can also provide this kind of constructive advice.

All TLDs staff are surrounded by an energetic, creative but professional working environment

2. Training and Development

A positive work environment includes routine training programs to improve the efficiency of the members and instill positive attitudes among them towards their work. We are a training and development-focused organization in which we have a very clear roadmap for training each member to sustain and enhance the productivity of the organization as a whole and to be on par with competitors. We focus on developing both hard and soft skills for each one.

We have understood that ever-growing modernization is day by day creating demand for new products and services, hence at a time when change is more rampant than ever before, it is necessary for organizations to keep at par with the changes and regularly train all members according to the demand and needs. Adapting to change is very crucial as those who don’t get replaced by the others as there is so much competition today. Hence, we are constantly training, self-learning to adapt to fast changes, and make regular training and development become a part of our work environment.

Regular training and development become a part of our work environment.

3. Green working space

Green office space – make our office more eco-friendly

In TLD Vietnam, we always focus on building and developing green working space. Making green improvements to an office design has a beneficial impact not only on energy costs but also on employee wellness and productivity. Sustainable office space is more comfortable to work in, has better air quality and uses less energy, compared to offices that have not made green office improvements.

In TLD Vietnam, we always focus on building and developing green working space.

After years of development, we are successful in creating our signature working environment. With these significant features, we have the spirit of the pioneer in this continuously changing industry.