Pipe & Profile

Since the early 1960s, plastic pipe usage has increased at an astounding rate. Water mains, hot and cold water distribution, drain, waste, sewer, irrigation, … and process piping are the major markets for plastic piping systems throughout the world. With such many industrial requirements, Plastics Pipe and Fitting has become one of the most important investments in human life.

To supply a perfect plastic pipe, the manufacturer has to be concerned about these criteria:

  • High Corrosion-resistant — A plastic plumbing system pipe isn’t easily corroded by exposure to water and common household chemicals.
  • Sun – High heat resistance: Since most of the pipes are installed underground or at a place that might expose to the sun, this feature needs to be noted to increase the pipe “age”.
  • Non-reactive: Plastic pipes can be connected with each other or with metal pipes without the risk of damaging chemical reactions.
  • Light: Easier installation and handling.

TLD Vietnam offers the right pack of materials for all solutions of pipe and fitting based on what our customers make. Our pack includes Resin and a wide range of additives such as PVC Stabilizer, Calcium Carbonate (Ground and Precipitated), Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Stearate. For Resin – the main ingredient, we provide every type of Resin (PE, PVC, …) from manufacturers around the world depending on each type of Pipe. While Resin is used in large quantities, the other additives are used in smaller volumes but are indispensable in the process.  Our high-quality Stabilizer ensures that Resin will not get burnt during manufacturing. Together with TiO2,  they enhance the high corrosion and resistance, and durability of finished products. Moreover, TLD’s calcium carbonate is being used in pipes and profiles as the filler not only to reduce manufacturing cost but also to bring many benefits:

  • Reduced cycle time
  • Higher ring stiffness
  • Mechanical requirements for PVC pressure pipes
  • Higher impact strength
  • Better gloss
  • Superior surface finish
  • Good processing at high loadings

As leaders of one-pack materials for pipe systems manufacturing, TLD Vietnam always focuses on developing highly efficient solutions for manufacturing, providing our customers detailed technical support along with professional customer service.

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