Plastic molding is the process of heating raw material (plastic resin with masterbatch and additives) to its melting point, forcing the viscous material into a mold, and allowing it to cool into a hardened shape. Molded parts are used in virtually every product you encounter, from electronics to housewares to automotive to food packaging. At the highest level, it’s a very simple process, but there’s a very complex science that goes into doing it well—from creating the molds to understanding the chemical and physical properties of the materials.

In TLD Vietnam, we can provide you with both Resin, Zinc Stearate and Calcium Carbonate, essential ingredients when doing injection moulding. Reasonable price, higher thermal conductivity and lower specific heat of calcium carbonate along with Zinc Stearate will brings different benefits to your molding applications including.:

  • Cost saving
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Lower melt temperature
  • Reduced titanium dioxide content
  • Improved printability
  • Higher stiffness, less shrinkage
  • Improved impact strength
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Effective releasing from molds

Besides, the Injection molding process is never complete without using the best resins for the final product. With a high number of resins available in TLD Vietnam, we can help you find the most suitable resins for a given product. This wide variety of resins opens doors for your unlimited design opportunities and functions.

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