Lime is an important chemical for regulating various processes in the mining industry. Quicklime and slaked lime as well as ground limestone are used both in concentration plants and for metal extraction.

Concentration plants often use lime milk made of quicklime or slaked lime for regulating pH values. Keeping pH values at a required level ensures a high-value yield from the mine. Lime products are also needed for treating unusable or superfluous process water, flood or rainwater before returning them to nature. Lime raises the pH value, thus precipitating metals diluted in the water into tailing areas. Limestone is often used in the construction of tailing areas and as a part of the cap after closing the mine. Furthermore, lime is an important product used in underground mining. Lime improves the stabilization of fillers, strengthens filled constructions and reduces the risk of collapse.

Our versatile range of products being present throughout the process, from below ground through to refining assures to bring valued customers an effective solution for raw materials in most of the steps of production.

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