Raw dolomite

Dolomite, also known as “dolostone” and “dolomite rock,” is an anhydrous carbonate mineral, which is rich in calcium carbonate and magnesium. It is chemically represented by CaMg(CO3)2 or CaCO3.MgCO3. Dolomite is a common rock-forming material and it is the main component for sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

Dolomite has many industrial applications such as construction, glass & ceramics, agriculture, fertilizer industry, iron & steel, water treatment, rubber, plastic, mining,…

In TLD Vietnam, we supply Raw Dolomite with lots of outstanding properties:

  • High magnesium content
  • High surface hardness and density ratio
  • The low proportion of impurities (iron oxides (Fe2O3), silica (SiO2), alumina (Al2O3),..)

Calcined Dolomite

Calcined dolomite, also known as burnt dolomite, dolime or doloma, is a product from natural dolomite burnt in a shaft kiln. Its main components are calcium and magnesium oxides occurring at an almost stoichiometric ratio. The calcined dolomite has a composition of CaO.MgO and is alkaline in nature.

Calcined dolomite is used in many fields such as the glass industry, iron and steel Industry, ore concentration etc. In particular, Dolime is found in applications in the iron and steel industry, such as in scorifiers and refractory lining protectors, in agriculture as a soil conditioner, in the environmental sector in water treatment,…

In TLD Vietnam, the calcination is processed continuously by modern technology and strict quality controls to ensure the Calcined Dolomite with high quality:

  • Higher surface area¬†
  • High reactivity
  • Ideal porosity
  • Higher whiteness