Water and Environment

Environmental pollution is one of the most serious global challenges and common to both developed and developing countries; clean water that is an essential resource for people and their environments throughout the world, is increasingly scarce due to the negative effects of environmental pollution.  

Both developed and developing nations share this burden together and most of them have been paying close attention to developing the domestic economy being associated with environmental protection, through that to drive sustainable development. Therefore, the governments have been establishing stricter environmental regulations, broadly investing in water and wastewater infrastructure, and impulsing reusing wastewater to support a circular economy. 

The stricter regulations require companies to pay more attention to the management and treatment of wastewater, waste streams, contaminated soils and flue gas. Water, wastewater and flue gas treatment are complicated and high-technical required processes. Converting raw water to drinking water involves a series of processes, from removing impurities and metals to post-treatment softening or mineralization. Wastewater treatment  is also an extremely involved process and exists numerous challenges related to both operations and treatment processes. Flue gas produced by energy-from-waste contains pollutants and must be treated by many high-quality chemicals and devices to be totally cleaned before being discharged into the environment. 

With the right products and strategies, though, water treatment and flue gas cleaning plants can increase their efficiency and the quality of the treated water they discharge. In TLD Vietnam, we supply a wide range of products for drinking water treatment, waste water purification, biosolids and flue gas cleaning. Our products with high purity and reaction can help you meet regulatory requirements while helping you make your plant more efficient and improve your outcomes. Having the right products and the right partner to back you up makes the difference.

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