The plastic polymers market is expected to substantially grow over the coming years owing to the rising demand for plastics across several industries such as packaging and food and beverages. This progress has led to a continuous increase in the demand for this plastic manufacturing materials. Many companies have joined the market to manufacture and supply raw materials for the plastic production. Gradually, because of diversification, the competition among the producers has become fierce in terms of raw material prices, quality, quantity, consumption market. 

Understanding the market needs and conditions, TLD offers a total package that includes most of the materials used in the plastics industry. 

All of the manufactured and supplied product decisions are carefully researched, and based on our customers requirements and expectations. The total package materials are listed below for your choices. These materials are the most suitable for producing plastic film, sheet, profile, pipe and fittings or even rubber and elastomers because they ensure stable resin processing, prevent degradation of plastics by heat, sun exposure, outdoor weathering and reduce oxidation. Moreover they also  maximize their perfect “non-stick” properties, which is necessary during manufacturing most plastic products.

Our package