Urbanization is growing exponentially and impacting on the construction industry strongly. The industry is becoming more competitive and the market shifts dramatically, that makes efficiency-improving technology become the biggest differentiator for construction companies maintaining competitiveness and continuous development  in the market. They must build faster, smarter and more sustainable with cost-effective and high-performing products.

That is the reason why the construction industry is still testing new materials and new methods of building continuously. Lighter, stronger materials allow the construction to be larger, more open structures with less support.

In TLD Vietnam, we supply a wide range of minerals and chemicals as an effective materials solution based on listening to our valued customers requirements and expectations. Our package of minerals and chemicals can be used in every industry, such as cement based products, ceramics, paints and coatings, glass, plasters, adhesives & sealants,… All of our minerals and chemicals are being supplied continuously with the most suitable and consistent quality and the most reasonable price, which can improve the performance of your products and reduce formulation cost.

Our package